52 Ways to See Red

June 24, 2011

52 Ways to See Red is a deck of cards that plays on the idea that red objects or experiences have strong emotions tied to them. This project took me into unfamiliar territory of combining digital and analog design. Here is the process I used to create the cards:

  1. Find images on the web
  2. Print the images
  3. Trace the images on tracing paper with black ink
  4. Scan the traced sketches into my computer
  5. Print the traced sketches onto water-color paper
  6. Add color to the sketches using paint
  7. Scan the painted sketches into my computer
  8. Arrange the scanned images for printing on perforated playing-card sheets
  9. Print and detach the cards; smooth edges with sandpaper

To purchase a deck, please contact me.

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