52 Ways to See Red

June 24, 2011

52 Ways to See Red is a deck of cards that plays on the idea that red objects or experiences have strong emotions tied to them. This project took me into unfamiliar territory of combining digital and analog design. Here is the process I used to create the cards:

  1. Find images on the web
  2. Print the images
  3. Trace the images on tracing paper with black ink
  4. Scan the traced sketches into my computer
  5. Print the traced sketches onto water-color paper
  6. Add color to the sketches using paint
  7. Scan the painted sketches into my computer
  8. Arrange the scanned images for printing on perforated playing-card sheets
  9. Print and detach the cards; smooth edges with sandpaper

To purchase a deck, please contact me.

National Geographic Cover (school project)

May 26, 2011

My idea for this project was to build a human form out of a landscape. Using an image of a swimmer doing the butterfly stroke, I composited sections of a mountainous Middle-Eastern desert image to form the muscles of a human back. For the backdrop I used a photo of the Mojave Desert, and the head was created from an image of a desert butte.

San Francisco Panorama

May 23, 2011

With photos taken on Treasure Island, I used Photoshop’s photomerge function to create a seamless panorama, and then composited that with a photo of snapshots on my fridge.

Cubist Skull (school project)

May 23, 2011

Using geometric shapes as facets, I distorted the skull image using the Liquify filter. The shapes are saved as masks with a significantly feathered edge. Then in the Liquify screen, the masks are loaded to “protect” the area outside the shape, and the image is pushed into the shape to make the surface appear flat. The feathered edge prevents the surfaces from having corners that are too sharp.

Rockwell Typeface Poster (school project)

November 4, 2010

Rockwell Typeface PosterThe purpose of this assignment was to explore the anatomy of a typeface, its form and counterform, and historical and cultural associations. Rockwell is a popular font that conveys a sense of honesty and accessibility as well nostalgia and glory.

This piece was selected for the AAU 2011 Spring Show.

Incite Logo

August 4, 2010

Actel CRM Incite LogoThis logo was created for Actel’s instance of Oracle CRM On-Demand, which was renamed Incite. The squares flowing between the first “i” and the second represent data and communication flowing between customers and the sales force.

Actel 25th Anniversary Logo

August 4, 2010

Actel 25th Anniversary LogoI designed this logo to be used at Actel’s 25th anniversary celebration. The curved shape that partially encircles the rest of the image represents both a commemorative medal and a planet in space, for Actel’s lasting legacy in aerospace electronics.

Actel Direct Logo

May 4, 2010

Actel Direct LogoActel Direct is the direct distribution outlet for Actel parts. I based this logo on the Actel brand itself, incorporating both the proprietary “A” shape and the green triangle. The arrow represents speed and efficiency, while the outer circle represents completeness and closing the loop.

Actel Product Posters

January 6, 2010

Actel RTAX PosterI designed a set of five 21′ x 21′ posters for display in worldwide Actel sales offices—three for the main product lines, one general Actel poster and one representing the Actel benefits. The example to the left is the aerospace product line, RTAX.