Converting my Flash game into an Android app

July 14, 2011 | 3 comments

We all know the story about Flash and the iPhone, but with Android phones there is no such obstacle. So with the help of Paul Trani’s tutorial on, I was able to convert my Cupcake Invaders Flash game into an Adobe AIR application for Android.

The key steps in the conversion:

  1. Instead of walking the character on an arrow button hover or arrow keydown, I used the accelerometer’s horizontal acceleration. Thus when the player tilts the device to the left or right, the character walks in that direction.
  2. I converted most of the graphics from Flash vector drawings into PNGs. While a PC has the processor power to scale and move vector graphics quickly, phone processors are less beefy and have an easier time with bitmap graphics.
  3. I downloaded the Adobe AIR SDK to compile the APK file and then downloaded the Android SDK to push the file to my DroidX for testing.

I haven’t published to the Android Market yet, but you can download and install the Cupcake Invaders app here.

3 Responses to “Converting my Flash game into an Android app”

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    • Vince Chee says:

      Hi Meredith Dodge! This is a very nice sharing from you, and is a good news for me!

      I’m a Multimedia Design student from Malaysia, currently I’m doing my major project, and I would like to make an apps in Flash and convert to android app, I just wonder if it still able to do that now?

      Hope to get your reply soon, thanks! 😀

  • giriraj says:

    guys i have flash game website but now i want to convert those flash games to android games is it possible???

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